The House On Glass Beach #1: Crush



Raw, graphic, candid portrait of two young gay men whose love affair is deeply affected by the scars they sustained from childhood sexual abuse. Tammy and Jamie are soul mates, but their love is thwarted for years by bad timing, fear of ridicule, and the damage that lingers long after childhood. Along with the internal, there are external forces that threaten to separate them forever.

Can love overcome any obstacle?
Can it erase the shame and horror of the past?
Can it triumph against hatred, even the hatred of one’s self?

In a small California town, a young boy loses his innocence when his manipulative uncle molests him.

Only a few miles away, hidden from the outside world and subjected to cruelties beyond imagining, another little boy pleads for mercy.

When the two children meet in a supermarket, a lifelong bond is forged – one that is fatefully reinforced when they fleetingly cross paths again in high school.

The years pass, but they cannot forget each other…

An old enemy watches and waits, eager for an opportunity to destroy them,igniting a bitter, wrenching battle in the war between love and tolerance, and hate and bigotry.

Brimming with raw intimacy and erotic catharsis, CRUSH is the terrifying and revealing journey of two souls and their determination to live and love, in freedom and without fear.

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