Armour: Jamie speaks of Lloyd & Derek

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Here is my snippet for the week. And hey, it actually resembles a snippet instead of a novella! It’s from Jamie Pearce (MC from Crush) POV:

This is the first time I’ve really spoken in depth of my adoptive father, Lloyd Tafford. It still hurts to think of him, gone forever. And talking about Derek? That’s something that makes my insides ache. Because Lloyd loved him so much. They loved each other so much, and in a way that I admittedly have trouble understanding sometimes. But they’d both say to me, “If sex without love is possible, then love without sex is possible too.”

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12 thoughts on “Armour: Jamie speaks of Lloyd & Derek

  1. That is definitely true, although sadly it’s easier to find the first than the second. Being asexual makes negotiating relationships tricky waters. This is a beautiful snippet. I love the affectionate way Jamie speaks about people who were clearly dear and important to him

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  2. Thank you to everyone. By the time ARMOUR is finished, I hope to surprise and delight my readers in ways that have never been done before. I want it to be a romantic story, but also another good vs. evil story that will leave everyone feeling happy for the MCs, as in Crush and Bright. 🙂


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