Bright: Tiny Attacker

Happy Saturday all! Thank you for visiting my blog this week. I’m taking a break from my WIP Armour and am going to try to stir up some interest in my 2nd novel, Bright. I’ve been pretty sick with my heart the past week, but does that excuse this week’s snippet being so…gross? After all, […]

Armour: Fragments

Hello to all Snippeteers and anyone who accidentally found themselves here. First of all, welcome. You are at my blog, THE HOUSE ON GLASS BEACH, named for the series of books and stories I am writing about a family whose lives extend from the late 1940s to present day. I am currently working on the […]

Armour: Hydrophobia (Fear of Water)

Hello everyone…this week’s snippet is once again from Armour. I believe beginning next week, I’ll break from Armour for a few weeks so I can share more from Crush, Bright, and some shorts I’ve written, just to mix things up and hopefully stir up interest in the THE HOUSE ON GLASS BEACH universe, as it […]