Armour: Questions

Hi everyone. By George, how these weeks fly by. This week I’m going to try to abide by the “six sentence” rule for a change for my snippet. When you’re finished here, please go and check out other authors’ snippets featured at Rainbow Snippets a Facebook community especially for lovers of LGBTQIA fiction!

I’m hard at work on my 3rd book Armour, as many of you know, and that has included lots of “method” writing (acting out scenes late at night as though I’m the MCs…yes I’m a psycho!), picking out “chillhop, dreampop, vaporwave, darkwave” and other odd “hybrid” new music genres that generally feature ethereal, dreamy, retro, ragtime and motown-esque stuff layerd over funky bass and nice percussion. When I’m writing, I listen to music a lot (along with the psycho method-writing) and whatever I’m feeling becomes the “dream playlist/soundtrack. I’m still worried about being the “George Lucas” of m/m and ace fiction, so to ease that worry, I’m adding a Qui-Gonn Jinn joke towards the end of the story. Sometimes we just don’t know how awesome a supposedly “minor” character (in my case, Lloyd from Crush) can end up being until hindsight. Doesn’t he deserve a love story of his own?

The snippet is from Derek’s POV again, and pretty simple. No frills.

I pass the polygraph. According to the interpreter of the test, my answers return as, “Non-deceptive.”
That gives me little comfort. The curt little man in his dark-rimmed glasses and shit-brown suit offers no solace. He simply rules me out as a suspect.


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