Armour: Cruelty

My snippet for this week is based on truth. This was done to me. I will never know why I was hated so much. How evil can a parent be? Just because I wasn’t “babysitting” my sibling properly, I am viciously lied to, told that my sibling got into a poisonous substance and is going to die. Any normal parent would call 9-1-1 or rush the child to hospital. Not my parent.

I am still asleep in my bed, exhausted with stress, and Da shakes me awake and greets me with a horrid lie: “I found Joey in the loo! He just swallowed some of Mum’s sleepin’ pills, boy! He’s going to die now!”
“What? What?!” I begin to cry instantly, my throat closing, my breath choked off, my heart threatening to arrest. “Take him to hospital! Call the doctor!”
“No!” Da retorts. “I’m leaving him in here with you! You watch him sicken and die! I’m leaving him to die right in front of you!”
“No!” I scream. “Please! Take him to hospital!”
Da slams the door in my face as I grovel in front of him, crawling along the floor, begging him to help Joey.
I hug my infant brother for hours, sobbing, waiting for him to die. “I’m so sorry, Joey…I’m so sorry…”

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8 thoughts on “Armour: Cruelty

  1. Some people should never be given the privilege of being called a parent or spouse. Unfortunately, I was married to one, and he fathered my children. That was years ago, but the hurt remains with us all…. and with you too. Writing about it helps, but it doesn’t change the fact.

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    1. Both parents were far too young to be having kids. Today one parent and I have reconciled, and they apologise almost daily, knowing the wrong they’ve committed against me, and I’ve forgiven them. The other is a sociopath and narcissist. There’s no way they can understand the evil they’ve done. I tried for years to have some kind of real relationship with them, but I gave up after they caused me to have a near fatal heart attack in 2011, and finally left them behind in 2014. I have to survive, and I can’t amongst poison people.

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      1. Yes, my children’s father is a sociopath, narcissist, untreated mentally ill, and an alcoholic… (we were young too) the best thing I ever did was swallow my fear, ignore his death threats, and get myself and the children free of him and the only decent thing he ever did was walk away when he realized he could no longer control us. Unfortunately, one of my children is very much her father’s daughter, so I’ve had to step away from that relationship for my own health (she’s grown) and for my other children. It’s never easy but we must take care of ourselves first. Take care of yourself too and know your’e not alone.

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  2. My parent who was cruelest to me is very similar to yours, minus the alcoholism. They refuse to acknowledge mental illness. The doctor prescribed a benzodiazapene for them but they would not take it, believing they would become an “addict”. They are like a dry drunk. But alcoholism runs rampant in my family, among other addictions. Me and my siblings have all had to make our own decisions re: our parents. I’m sorry to say I’m glad I never had kids. I dated an alcoholic who was really mean and my mom saved me a lot of pain when she told me to get the hell away from him.


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