Armour: Jamie Speaks on Negdar

Greetings!!! Having (barely) completed my short story Nectar by the proposed deadline, I felt it fitting to add another snippet about Negdar, who also appears in a significant role in my 3rd novel Armour as the biological grandmother of Lloyd Tafford and the adoptive grandmother of Derek and Joey Rollins, told again from the POV of Jamie Pearce, first introduced in my premiere novel, Crush:

Lloyd called her “Candy Grandma” because she often recreated an old family recipe,
“Sweet Sujuk”, aka “Walnut Rope”, a confectionary made from grape or pomegranate juice and walnuts, strung together with string in the old days, though now they use unflavoured dental floss, according to Astrid. Derek and Joey named her Grandma Nectar because she was the sweetest old lady they’d ever known. So warm. They loved her potty mouth. She hugged often. And Derek needed the hugs she sensed were needed when children were in distress.

Lloyd took after Grandma Nectar so much in that way, knowing when hugs were needed.

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7 thoughts on “Armour: Jamie Speaks on Negdar

  1. Love grandparenty people who’re sensitive enough to know exactly what’s needed when it’s needed. There’s comfort to be found in them. Nice snippet.

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