Crush: Christmas Present (Nice & Naughty)

Hello everyone…how fast the weeks flee by during this busy holiday season! Before I knew it, I’d missed two weeks worth of sharing my work at Rainbow Snippets a wonderful place for LGBTQ authors to share their work with each other and with readers who love their kind of work! If you sincerely love and support this kind of literature, please visit, and spread the word!

This week’s snippet is both nice and naughty, and is from my very first novel, Crush! Because it’s close to Christmas, I wanted to post something special. For those of you not familiar with my first book, Crush is the story of Tammy and Jamie, two young men who met as toddlers in a grocery store long ago, then met again in high school. After a year of furtive glances and fierce denial of their attraction to each other, they shared Tammy’s graduation night shyly getting to know, and love, each other. But Tammy, fearing ridicule from his friends, left town for college, without even saying goodbye to Jamie, leaving him brokenhearted. They spend years apart, both unhappy, until Tammy’s mother falls and ends up in hospital, prompting Tammy to come home. During her time in hospital, she develops a blood clot that goes unnoticed/untreated for hours until Jamie, who has become a nurse, comes on duty, and Jamie’s quick actions save her life. Jamie has had a lonely year, as his foster Dad died several months prior. Wanting to thank Jamie for saving his mom’s life, Tammy comes over to his house to invite him to a Christmas party.

“Jamie, I need to apologise to
He backs away a step and murmurs, “What?”
“I didn’t even thank you last night.”
“For what?”
“You saved my Mom’s life.”
He stumbles over his dismissive laugh.
“You found the blood clot. Jamie… she could have died if you
hadn’t been there.” I step forward.
He retreats instantly. “It’s just my job… I pay for liability
insurance too, you know.” His smile contorts into an alarmed
grimace as I step forth again, and before he can take another step
back, I kneel down. Of their own accord, my arms go around him,
my face nestles into the crook of his neck. “Thank you, Jamie.
Thank you for saving her.”
Now he’s shivering so violently that I’m shaking myself like a
building next to one that’s being detonated. I press him against me.
The mild, musky scent of his skin sends a hot flood into my dick.
“Come on,” I murmur. “Come to the party with me.”
“Oh, n-no, Tammy. Y-you g-go ahead and go. I-I-I’ll only r-ruin
it-t. I d-don’t think-k I’ll be m-much f-fun.”
“It won’t be any fun unless you’re there.”
“I’m depressed… I’m…”
“That’s why you need to get out.”
“I’ll ruin it for everybody.”
I shake my head slowly, rolling my forehead against his. “That’s
“Please, Tammy… I…”
“Look at me.”
He won’t.
“You can’t spend Christmas all by yourself,” I scold softly.
His eyes are clouding over with something I don’t like.
“Jamie, look at me.”
His lips barely move. “I can’t.”
“Yes, you can. Come on, look at me.”
The shaking has stopped. His eyes are lifeless, his body like a
“No,” I plead. “Don’t turn off your feelings, Baby, please.”
No response.
“Please, look at me, Jamie.”
“I’m scared,” he says, and lets out the breath he’s been holding.
“Don’t be,” I whisper. He’s not faking this. “Look at me.”
An agonised wail, “I can’t!”
“Come on,” I insist. “Come on, look at me.” Patiently, gently, I
coax him. “Come on. Come on, Jamie.” Slowly, agonisingly, his eyes
lift, and when they touch mine, we both gasp as the current, so
familiar and still so mysterious, twists and curls and entwines itself
around us, inside us, between us, drawing us closer… closer. He can’t
hide from me now. My eyes refuse to leave his. He stares into me, his
eyes caressing me, adoring me. The desire in those eyes, the guileless
lust, the innocent, ravenous hunger, reaches in, robs me of breath.
I stand on tiptoe to give him my kiss.
He leans over the safety rail on the shopping cart, and I receive his…
My arms are like boas around his slender form, crushing him
closer, closer. For an eternal moment, we’re motionless, his lips so
close I can taste his warm breath. Then he’s kissing me, his lips
latching fiercely to mine, releasing, latching on again, releasing. He
struggles to free himself, sobbing, “I’m sorry!”
“I’m not!” My arms tighten around him again. “I’m not,” I repeat
and fasten my mouth to his. The sweet, almost-forgotten taste of
him drives me crazy as our lips meet and part in a frenzy of firm,
moist kisses. The soft yearning sounds escaping his throat reach all
the way into my core, and I almost come.
I release him, we labour for our breaths, and I say, “You’re
coming with me to that Christmas party.”
He nods.
“Yeah, I know you are,” I growl, kissing him softly on the place
where his shoulder joins his neck. I take his hand, refuse to let go, all
but dragging him out to my car, opening the passenger door for him,
smiling inwardly at the look on his face. I love this. I’ve never had
anything close to this. And I want this. I want to treat him like a
prince. He deserves nothing less.
As soon as I’m belted into the driver’s seat, I seize his hand again.
His eyes fly up to meet mine, his lips part in a gaping smile.
It’s here. It’s been here since that day in church over a decade and
a half ago, since that day in line at a supermarket thirty years ago.
It’s always been here.
Where else would it be?
Where else had it ever been?

Happy Holidays everyone!


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