Bright: No Place To Hide

Welcome to my blog. I am Laura Susan Johnson, author of the novels Crush, Bright and the up and coming Armour. I would like to invite you to a wonderful facebook community called Rainbow Snippets. It’s a safe and sane place where authors and readers may share their latest and/or greatest LGBTQ accomplishments or favourite books. Just be sure they are LGBTQ stories!

This week’s offering is again from my 2nd novel, Bright, and it’s my first NOT SAFE FOR WORK goody if you will. It’s from inside of Walter’s head. He’s so in love with Monty. He’s gushing. Read on…you’ll get the hint 😉

I cry into his mouth,
my body shaking, as his beard scrapes over my sensitive lips. I can
feel it in the way he’s kissing my mouth, my face, my body—he’s not
going to stop until he knows I can’t take another second of it.
Why have I responded so strongly to him? Is it because I’ve been
so isolated, so withdrawn, since I became ill and lost my sight? Did
the dimming of my surroundings make me so shy?
Goodness knows, I’m not sheltered now. He opened that door,
and the light spilled in. I haven’t even tried to hide from him in the
dark. I don’t want to. There’s not an inch of me he hasn’t kissed. He
kisses my feet, my legs, the insides of my thighs. He kisses my hands,
admonishing me when I try to curl them into tight fists to hide my
ugly fingers. He won’t let me hide anything from him. He leads me
into the light, shines it on me, exposes me to his lusty silver gaze,
stares at me unblinkingly, makes me squirm with embarrassment as
my body overtly reacts to him, and contradicts the rest of demure


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