Bright: The Jewel Box

Hello, and welcome to another Rainbow Snippet. As usual it’s longer than six sentences, but I needed something sweet and slightly sexy to soothe my raw emotions after the ultimate SNAFU/FUBAR occurred here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. a few nights ago. Apologies and no disrespect to any Trump supporters who may visit here. Let’s just agree to disagree and pray the next 4 years will make me eat my words…my hat…my…ugh, I don’t know!

This week’s offering is from my sophomore book, BRIGHT. After Monty’s rescue from his half-hearted suicide attempt/drunken crash into the frozen River Snake in the desolate terrain of Southwestern Idaho, he decides to get/make gifts for the brother and sister heroes who saved his life. He gets Kendall Yarbro a Seahawks Jersey, but he’s been getting to know Walter over the last few days, and he has something more personal in mind…

When I give Walter what I spent all day assembling for him, the
confidence I had earlier today slithers out of my grasp. It seems to
take him a million years to tear the yellow foil wrapping paper away,
and I hear Kendall gasp, “Whoa! Wow. Isn’t that gorgeous, Wawa!”
As I watch his eyes sparkle sightlessly and his strange, swollen
fingertips stroke the exquisite red velvet lining inside the jewel box I
put together, I hear myself say, “Wawa?”
“When we were little,” explains Kendall with a huge shit-eating
grin, “he could not say his name. We watched reruns of Saturday
Night Live all the time. When Gilda Radner did her skit about
Barbara Walters, we started calling him ‘Wawa’.”
I love it.
Suddenly, Walter’s arms are around me, his body pressed close to
mine. “Oh, thank you, Monty! Thank you so much!” He moulds
himself tightly into me. “I’d kiss you if Kendall wasn’t here!” he
squeals softly. My heart slams against my ribs. I can’t help the way
I’m smiling. I look over my shoulder at the odd smile that stretches
his sister’s lips. Her eyes twinkle at me.
I remember his face, so close to mine, at the river’s edge. In the
car. I remember the unbearable desire to kiss him, but for once in
my life, my body was cold, weak, weighted down with a covetous
death that would not take its prize.


7 thoughts on “Bright: The Jewel Box

  1. I am DYING for more people to read and review (honestly, of course!) BRIGHT! I loved writing it, even though I had to exorcise a lot of anger and anxiety while writing it. Lots of personal stuff in there (sniff!)


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