Bright: Sugar Skulls

Hello authors and readers! I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit Rainbow Snippets, a safe and fun place to share snippets from your favourite books, your works in progress, and your own completed works!

After two weeks that flew by almost unnoticed, this week’s snippet will be a simple little story about Monty’s love for life in Mexico:

“…Remembering Dia De Los Muertos, the day after American Halloween,
in downtown Guadalajara. I remember how, on the Day of the Dead
my last year in Mexico, my friends and I painted our faces to look like
skulls and I was introduced to calaveras azucar: colourful little skulls
that Henrietta’s mama made with egg whites, vanilla and sugar—
yum yum!
We watched her painstakingly arrange pretty flowers and stars,
made from colourful foil, over them. Sometimes she let us decorate a
few. We wanted to eat them all, but Henri’s mama said it would make
us sick to eat so much concentrated sugar. So she made rich, creamy
chocolate skulls and gave us each two or three. After her back was
turned, we’d sneak more. Mmmmmm…those skulls, flavoured with
cocoa and Mexican vanilla, better than the chocolate bunnies Daddy
sometimes got me for Easter…”

The song for this snippet is a children’s song sung in Spanish, and is meant to try to capture what Monty’s childhood in Mexico was like. It’s called “The Sugar Skull.”


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