Bright: Blinded by the Light

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I realise I probably just planted the lyrics of an old classic rock song into your head for the rest of the day. Maybe with the song/video below, I can undo that. Or, if you have no means of turning on the radio or an mp3 player or your favourite YouTube playlist to listen to something else, I deeply apologise. But let me explain: For me, Bright has a theme of darkness and light. One of the MCs is legally blind. He’s also blind in another way: he’s in denial of problems in the group he considers his real family. His husband Monty has taken a second job (by choice) to make extra money to make sure the baby that their surrogate, their best friend Natalie Mattheis, gets the best care and comfort, and the baby gets the best possible start in life. But during the following conversation with Natalie, Walter realises that in his subconscious, he has been sensing an increasing fatigue and resentment in Monty. Walter has known for years that his stepmother doesn’t care about him…so why did he allow her to move back into his home? What power does she hold over him?

“He loves you, Wawa. He loves you so much that I really worry about him.”

I’m too full in heart to say anything, so I nod.

“I worry about you both,” Nattie says. “But something about
Monty…he’s more fragile than he lets on, you’re right. And you have
to be careful, Wawa. Now that I’ve been to Helena’s ‘cult’, I see
what Monty’s been trying to tell me. Don’t let her wreck things,
Wawa. Don’t let her ruin what you have with him. Because she will
if she can.”

I’m terrified to admit that she’s right.”

This week’s song is “Black Widow” by the Superhumanoids. It is from Walter’s POV as he realises that Helena’s only mission in life is to either dominate his life or end it.


7 thoughts on “Bright: Blinded by the Light

  1. Makes me want to know more about what’s going on, especially regarding the stepmother and her cult. (Not fond of “Wawa” though — it alternates between making me think of a convenience store or a baby trying to say “water.”)

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