Bright: Someone Special

Attention all lovers of LGBTQIA books, whether you be authors or readers, there is a wonderful place where people are sharing their love of books: works in progress, finished works that need shout outs, or just favourites they love. It’s called RAINBOW SNIPPETS on Facebook. Come visit, book lovers!!!

Hello Snippetteers, this week’s snippet is from Book #2 in my “Glass Beach” series, BRIGHT. Monty has just been dumped by his latest boyfriend, and he’s a mixture of shocked and furious about that. Our selfish and suicidal drunkard twenty-nine year old has half-heartedly elected to let fate decide whether or not the sharp curves and black ice will do away with him on a frozen January night. But Drat! When his van plunges into the half-frozen Snake River, he regrets his actions as the merciless cold grips his body. Thank goodness those meddling kids just happen to be parked a stone’s throw away! Double drat! Now Monty’s falling in love with one of them, the twenty-three year old Walter, whose strange, cloudy eyes and gaunt figure suggests to Monty that he’s not the only one who’s had a rough time of it in life. Damn that Walter. First he saves Monty’s life, and now, curses! He bails Monty out of jail! Who would do that for a total stranger?! And when Monty comes by the house just to thank Walter so he can get back on the road to Vegas, what happens?! They have their first KISS!!! Damn it all, Monty should coulda woulda gotten back on the highway. Thank you, Schmank you! He could have written a letter for Pete’s sake! But noooo, he had to stop by and see that mysterious creature that he only remembered in watery, cold flashbacks and groggy, hangovered sequences at his hospital bedside. He just HAD to open this new can of worms. And now, Walter offers to let Monty stay with him, seeing Monty has no home to speak of and must appear in court in just a couple of weeks! Monty argues, “I’ll stay in my car.” “I can find a motel.” Then realises all his money is at the bottom of the frozen but swift river. He looks up at the thermometer in the tree on Walter’s porch and realises he can’t live in a car.

“In the soft porch light, the frost sparkles on the deck railing.
I turn and nod, “Okay.”
He sighs. “Good.”
“Only until my court date, then I’m going to Vegas.”
His lips remain pressed together, but his silver and gold eyes are smiling.
My own eyes catch the gleaming ribbon of scar tissue just above the crux of his collarbone.
He’s been face to face with death.
He’s been seriously ill or severely injured sometime during his life.
I don’t think any of this in words. It’s just a fluttering of butterfly wings in the back of my brain—a tickle of knowledge.
He’s special.”

Song of the Week: “Siren Song” by Bat For Lashes. from my Bright Dream Playlist on YouTube. Oh, how wickedly beautiful this song is. These lyrics are Monty’s inner thoughts, the belief that he is “too evil” to deserve Walter, that he’ll only hurt Walter and continue his vagabond life. No, Monty’s name isn’t Pearl, but he’s hardened, seemingly impossible to break through…seemingly.


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