Armour: One by one…

Greetings to all,  I extend an invitation to visit Rainbow Snippets on Facebook, a great and safe place for authors and readers of LGBTQIA books to come together and share, six sentences at a time, their WIPs, favourite books, published works etc.

This week’s snippet is from my 3rd novel and current WIP, ARMOUR. In the past couple of years it seems Lloyd Tafford and Derek Rollins have been losing their family, one by one. Derek lost his father Simon, who abandoned his wife and two sons to return to England. Lloyd likewise lost his father (whom he had lost respect for years prior) to alcoholism, and shortly after, Lloyd’s mother, Claudia, remarried to her secret lover, took his youngest sister Lisbet, and relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the Spring of 1965, a tornado blows through the town, killing Derek’s mother, Eva, in her sleep, and Lloyd’s older sister Lilit (she is in town working at the fire department as a clerk at the time). One by one, their families are disappearing before their eyes. After they recover from their physical and emotional injuries following the horrible tornado, they decide to move to Galveston, Texas. Maybe in a new place, they can make a new start, near the warm Gulf Coast.

They are only there for a short while before the worst of the worst happens. To the youngest family member of all.

I realise this is almost like a synopsis of the novel, but I have so much to do with Armour. It will be a while before my 3rd novel is ready for the public. For now, this will have to do. This is from Lloyd’s POV:

““He’s gone, Lloyd! He’s gone!” he cries now, hysterically, as if he’s been holding it in for centuries. Neither of us have been criers, but I begin to sob too. The sight of him shakes me to my core. I have no idea what horror he’s been through, and the reality of the fact that I could not be there to protect him and Joey upsets me even more than the carnage of the tornado. The death of Lilit left all of us shattered.
But I can’t deny this: The blood all over this figure before me, splattered over the front of his once white tee shirt front, maroon-brown, shaping his medium blonde hair into tacky claws, dried over his face like a mask of anguished madness, is the most disturbing imagery I have ever witnessed.”

This week’s song is a strange choice for me, but I feel it works because Kate Bush is an artist who is notorious for never writing/singing from any constant gender’s POV. “This Woman’s Work” has always been known as a song told from a father’s POV. Derek has been the “father” of Joey since Simon walked out on the job, and Eva is dead. This wrenching song describes things from both Derek’s and Lloyd’s points of view, as two young “fathers”. The lyrics could well be their thoughts. Things they were planning to do but didn’t get around to yet; Things they could have said more often but didn’t…


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