Armour: The Abduction In Six Sentences

I remember the fight, beginning so suddenly, and concluding just as swiftly. As the unseen menace holds me from behind, slices me delicately along the neck with the razor-sharp blade, separating the first few thin layers of skin, another guy yanks my seven-year-old brother from my side to the waiting vehicle. A paper bag filled with cans and cartons drops from Joey’s arms, and I hear him scream with terror as the stranger carries him away. I want to jot down the license plate, but the hulking accomplice turns to face me, looms over me with his knife, saying, “Don’t fight…just back away.”

“Feck off!” I spit the largest wad of saliva I can muster at him, and lunge, trying to get the knife. He jabs at my hands and then nicks me deep in the scalp, wringing a high pitched wail of shock from me.”

Song of the week: “Voices Inside My Head” by The Police. I’m picking a lot of my “Armour Dream Playlist” irrespective of much of the time periods Armour takes place in. Even though the abduction of Joey Rollins takes place in the year 1968, I have yet to find many songs that I like enough to put onto the playlist. However, this could change. In the meantime, this tune by one of my fave post-punk British bands fit the fight scene in which Derek sustains injuries to his head and hands while trying to defend his younger brother.


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