New Stuff For Armour

Hello all, first let me just say that I am excited to have joined a Facebook Group called Rainbow Snippets, in which authors can share published works and works in progress, six sentences at a time,  six being for the six principal colours in the lgbtq Rainbow Pride Flag! Visit Rainbow Snippets anytime!!!

In other news, I am finally turning Armour into more than just an idea. Just a heads up, I’m doing something different here: This isn’t an m/m in the same vein as Crush and Bright were. I’ve pitched my 2 contributions into that genre, and now I’m going to write a book about my own sexual orientation: asexuality. My MCs are Lloyd Tafford, whom you met in Crush, the heroic policeman who literally pulled Jamie Pearce off his death bed, and Derek Rollins, a character previously unheard of because apparently I’m the obscure George Lucas of lgbtqia indie fiction. Let’s pray I don’t fuck this up! Starting a story from the middle; Why didn’t Jamie ever mention this Derek?; I can hear it now. I’ll do my best not to bomb this “prequel.”

This IS a romantic story, but there won’t be any hot and heavy boy on boy action like there was in the first 2 books. It is a love story every bit as sincere, but it’s a different kind of love story. Ace love needs a bone thrown to it now and then (pun not truly intended! 😉

Here is the newish Facebook for ARMOUR:…

ARMOUR Dream Playlist on YouTube:…

ARMOUR on Pintrest:…

And finally for today, here is my first 6-sentence “rainbow snippet”, just six sentences from my new WIP. Please tell me what you think!

“When darkness cloaks the sky, my horror has taken absolute control. Reason has abandoned me. I’m more determined to hide myself from the devil who hunts me. To my north and east, and growing larger, there is the huge, cursed beacon of Houston, a town I am now terrified of, but must get to nevertheless. That is the direction I last saw Joe William going in. As it gets darker, I begin to shiver in my dampened thin nylon jacket and tee shirt and jeans. I must keep moving.”

P.S. I think I’d better practice “never say never” and let my characters “speak” to me before I say there will be no sex in this story. Asexuals do have sex. They just don’t experience sexual attraction.

Song from my “Armour Dream Playlist” also found on YouTube:
“Silence Is Everywhere” by Euphoria

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